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A Message From Stephen:
It has been an exciting year! Even though our campaign for State Representative came up short, we ran a strong, serious race to make sure public education is the top priority in East Texas and to give progressive-minded voters a real choice in this election. We raised almost $30,000 with almost every single donation coming in small amounts from individuals (and not from large PACs who only want to buy a seat at the table). Most of all, we fought the good fight for our students, parents, and teachers. I congratulate Rep. Clardy on his victory and even though he never agreed to an important debate on the issues, I and other educators will continue to fight for an end to high-stakes testing, a statewide pay raise for current and retired teachers, an increase in the state contribution rate for teacher health care, and a budget that truly prioritizes public education. We will also vigorously oppose any private school voucher scheme and work to protect our right to spend our own money the way we see fit, including the right to deduct our own teacher association and union dues. We expect Mr. Clardy’s support on these issues and we urge him to represent ALL East Texans, not just those of a particular political or religious stripe. I will never stop fighting for my students.

Obviously, I am very disappointed with the national election results. They were unexpected and it’s difficult for me to comprehend the likes of Trump, who holds viewpoints of hatred and bigotry towards so many, as President. That being said, I respect the process and hope our nation can survive the next four years. I, for one, will hold him to being the President for ALL Americans.

I also want to congratulate Jared Cates, Dr. Amanda Rudolph, and Dr. Shirley McKellar for their hard-fought campaigns for County Commissioner, State Board of Education Member, and U.S. House. Even though they came up short, they have proven that the establishment cannot become comfortable, even in conservative East Texas. As our young voters age and more Latino and African-American voters take part in the political process, our candidates will have to stand for progressive values and take heed of the issues that are important to ALL East Texans. Jared, Amanda, and Shirley made sure of that. I was proud to share a ticket with each of them and am honored to call them my friends.

Finally, I want to extend a huge thank you to my supporters, colleagues, friends, family, and the Democratic Parties of Nacogdoches, Cherokee, and Rusk Counties (excellently chaired by Apollonia Ellis, Bill Crowley, and Regina Adams, respectively). A large amount of gratitude goes to Brigette Kozash, my SFA intern. Her wisdom and hard work on this campaign was invaluable. I especially want to thank my beloveds – Carrie, Isaiah, and August. They have made many sacrifices over the past year and I look forward to reconnecting with them, bigly.

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