I believe in strong border security to protect our families, our

infrastructure and our oil and gas industry. I know first hand the toll

illegal immigration can have on Texas families. In 2017, a vehicle filled with illegals ran a stop sign and crashed into my wife’s jeep before leaving her unable to move and almost dead. Today she is a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, saved by the Grace of God and because a neighbor found her and helped save her life.


I will protect the private property rights of land and mineral owners. The right to own property is given to us in the Constitution and when there is a conflict between land owners and energy exploration I will work to balance the needs of our economic growth with the constitutionally protected rights of private property owners.


All Texans benefit from the oil and natural gas industry. Key to continuing our economic success is efficient and consistent regulation of the industry. We need leaders less worried about running for future political office, and more concerned about keeping our oil and gas economy strong so we can continue to put billions of dollars in tax revenue into local and state infrastructure projects.


Our land and natural resources are some of the most valuable assets we have in Texas. As the owner of four businesses which deal with environmental services for petrochemical and energy production companies,  I know the importance of ensuring a safe, clean environment for us and future generations. I will stand up to Washington insiders who think a one size fits all environmental policy is good for Texas and work to protect our jobs and energy production growth while ensuring we have strong environmental protection policies in place. 


We need to restore integrity and trust to the Texas Railroad Commission.I am an outsider when it comes to government, but I know how to bring

more people to the table and include stakeholders, the general public and the Commission as we look at changes needed in regulation of the

energy sector, transparency and in developing strong ethics rules for agency employees,